Monday, August 27, 2007

satchel is coming along

Bryan and I have been working diligently on the overflowing satchel that sits at the feet of Dick Hathaway.

Meanwile I have been adding the details to Professors Hathaway beckoning hands

Monday, August 06, 2007

The sculpture goes back to center stage

Bryan has been working diligently on Dick Hathaway's satchel. and we moved the sculpture back to the center of the room. It is time to finish Dick Hathaway and get him home to Vermont.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Here is Bryan, my new apprentice working diligently on the cleaning up the books and the clay satchel that will be at the feet of the sculpture of Dick Hathaway. The elements of the satchel are pertinent to the history of the creation of this sculpture and the memory of both Dick and Charlotte Hastings, my professor who began this project with me and passed away. Stay tune for the creation of the satchel and its meaning.

Does anyone know what Dick Hathaway might have said about history or the recording of history? I had wondered if there was some quote on history that would also be pertinent to this sculpture. I may incorporate it on a piece of paper coming out of the satchel. Plus I just love to hear about Dick Hathaway, it inspires me.

Dick Hathaway takes center stage...

It has been months since I have worked on the sculpture of Dick. I have put him aside waiting for the rest of the funding to come through. I heard the T.W. Woods Gallery is getting very close to having the funding. As I have said before, I will have to cut the sculpture up into pieces to cast it into bronze. I hate the idea of Dick going to pieces without knowing he will soon be put back together.

I have pulled Dick center stage for a couple of reasons. The first is that my new apprentice Bryan is doing such a wonderful job I know we can work through this quickly with his help. And I’m feeling that it is way beyond the time of sending Dick home to the Green Mountain State. Maybe he can be there by fall, and if not maybe by sugaring. Though we would have to be sure the ground was not sill ice so that we could install the sculpture. I can’t wait!

It is sometimes good to get away from a sculpture for a while. Rarely do I have the opportunity to do so. Commissions come and have deadlines and it means working one after another. But walking away from a sculpture and coming back gives you an entirely different perspective. I can’t wait, give me the pot of hot clay, the large tools. Time to finish the upper torso of Dick Hathaway and then the details in the face.