Thursday, November 09, 2006

Great News!

By the way, it was approved by the TW Woods Gallery. All donations can now go to them, designated for the memorial. They are now tax deductible. THANK YOU!

Also, the TW Woods called the day before yesterday and said that they received an anonymous donation toward the sculpting project.

Here is a financial update

$7,000 needed for balance of bronze
$2,000 needed for delivery (though I might be able to bring this cost down if I rent a car and put Dick in the front seat. How about a road trip Dick? Any friends of Dicks between Texas and Vermont? )
$9,000 Total needed

$4,060 received to date
$4,940 needed

( PHOTOGRAPH- from the memorial photographs, Dick Hathaway with an ADP packet)

Travel to Vermont

I traveled up to Vermont College for several reasons. The Dick Hathaway sculpture that I am creating was a part of my study at Vermont College. I graduated on November 1st. I presented two lectures one at Vermont College and one for the T.W. Woods Gallery. Both were about sculpting the deceased, the process and the research for my book “ “Bringing to Life the Spirit of the Deceased—A Sculptor’s Journey”. I especially liked the TW Woods lecture as many friends of Dick Hathaway were there. It was good to have their inspiration. To be fed stories about Dick Hathaway refreshed me. I’m looking forward to getting back to the sculpture. It should be done in about a month or so.

The photograph that I created of the progress on Dick Hathaway now resides at the TW Woods. The sculpture needs a bit of work and there is going to be a pile of books near his foot. The question is, "What are the names of the books?"