Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Appearance on local FOX station for my up and coming book.

Yesterday I was featured on the local fox news cast for my book "Bringing to Life the Spirit of the Deceased-A Sculptor's Journey." I am presently looking for a publisher, but because of the topic, the halloween season, and the press release that I sent out they featured me. I wish it were a longer segment and I could get into the research behind the science and the psychic and the science behind the emotion with art. Also about the strange occurrences in the book. I am thankful for the segment, but I have to say they were not very organized. I sent a ton of photographs but they did not use them. Oh well, there are always more appearances to come. There is not much you can do in two minutes. ( really there is if you are organized) If you would like to see it you hopefully this link will work. IF not you can go to the FOX website and type in Mongeon in the search. The video should come up.

I look forward to getting my new computer so that I can compile some of these topics in audio podcasts and in video. Maybe that will help the producers see the interesting elements and how they go together.

Ah, I wish for someone with the creativity Like producer Manny Santos. He did the channel 8 segment on me years ago. With the right producer this topic would be extremely interesting! I'm trying to get Manny's channel 8 segment ready to show on the web. It was really great and he won best artist documentary for it.

By the way, I am not sure where they got the God's Word piece to show, As I did not give it to them and it did not go with this segment. Yet it kept coming up. For those of you who don't know, God's Word is a collectible series that I sculpt. ( please note if you go to the God's Word web site and it is down it is going under a total face lift this week!)

If you are interested in seeing the press release that was sent to get this gig, here is a link

Another notch in the belt, another thing to put on my media page

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A younger Dick Hathaway

Well a younger Dick Hathaway is coming to life. I have attached the head of the sculpture and I am working on pulling everything all together. I changed the arm, raising it a bit. I was not sure I could do this, because the armature is rebar. Standing on the bench I pulled up. It worked. I also reattached the hand. Dick's right leg is still removed so that we can get in close the finish some details. I keep moving around the shirt trying to get things just right. Shoulders, left arm and back. Every now and again I look up at the face and change a thing here and there.

The satchel is almost complete

The satchel is almost complete. The books, with their titles are carved and even the sheet of paper on the top of the satchel has been done.

It reads, Dear Richard Hathaway,
may all that come after you emanate your love of family, history, education, and philanthropy. With great appreciation your family, friends, colleagues and students.

The elephant and feather are pouring out of the bag. Funny thing is that I have an irresistible urge to put in something round next to the elephant. I don't know if this is a design thing or an intuitive thing. I don't know why a round thing? Either coins or marbles. Why would I pick either one of these? I don't know. Anyone have a clue? Anyone know anything about either coins or marbles relating to Dick Hathaway?

My apprentice needs to do some work on this satchel yet. Not much just clean up some areas, but she is busy smoothing out the Dick's shrit If we could get it done we could actually put this satchel into the mold process. Then on to the bronze.